"Introduce an international standard taxi service in Ulaanbaatar"

  • Project outcome:

    Taxi drivers with no authorization, will be registered, licensed, equipped and brought into service. Introduce international standard taxi service in the Capital city and to improve taxi service management.


“Ulaanbaatar Taxi Cab” LLC was established by the resolution No.4 of 2018 of the Board of Directors of “Ulaanbaatar Development Corporation” JSC in accordance with the resolution No. 153 of 2019 of the Presidium of the City Council to implement the “Ulaanbaatar Taxi Service Improvement Project”.

Public transportation and logistics are one of the most pressing issues facing the people of Ulaanbaatar. According to a survey of 2014, the average speed of the city's main road was 20-30 km/h, while today the traffic is 5-8 km/h during peak hours. In addition, Ulaanbaatar's current transportation demand is approximately 3.4 million passengers per day. In terms of structure, 30.6% are on foot, 24.2% by car, 9.2% by taxi, 33.4% by bus, and 2.6% by other means of transport. in the world's largest cities, Demand is expected to be met if there are 3-4 taxis per 1,000 people.

The number of taxis in Ulaanbaatar reached a record high in 2003, with 3,960 vehicles from 61 organizations, or 4 taxis per 1,000 people in the capital city (population 869.9 thousand), reaching the level of developed countries. However, this number is decreasing every year. As of 2018, 615 vehicles of 12 private companies are operating taxi services (1447.5 thousand at the end of 2018), which is approximately 0.4 taxis per 1,000 people, or 8-10 times less than the general standard. According to Shaler Consulting, a leading research institute in the field of public transport policy, the number of taxis per 1,000 people should be 1.2-2.4 for a city dominated by private cars, with 615 registered taxis operating in Ulaanbaatar, 2,274 fewer than required.